It has been more than a decade since our Church was built. Now is the time to take the next step toward a Community Center that can meet the needs of our burgeoning parish! The new facility building will meet the practical needs that our growing community has, but will also provide the fellowship with a new place to gather, to connect and to build a durable and loving community, through the values of our Orthodox faith, and as Christians, a place where we can strengthen our faith and also open it to the others for years to come.


Our existing Community Center needs replacing. It has outlived its lifespan, it is not up to code, it has no kitchen—a severe drawback for a church community!—and it has numerous problems that cannot be simply mended.  Building a new Community Center will offer the parish a functional as well as a beautiful space for our education, fellowship, outreach and service ministries - as well as providing much needed administration spaces and a hall for use both by members of the parish as well as by members of the Lyndon neighborhood and beyond.  It will allow us to stop needing to borrow other facilities for our dance groups, our numerous fundraisers, like the Greek Fest or Glendi, and even some of our fellowship events, and permit us to host them all “at home.”  The new facility building thus will be a center and home for our community both now and into the future.


The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds for the realization of this project of the new Community Center. There are many ways to donate to this special Capital Campaign. Only you can assess the abundance of the blessings you have received and determine what you are able to offer to help this project become reality.  Once we build this Community Center, our parish will not face a project of this magnitude for several decades to come.  We hope that you will take the time to discern and that you will give generously to this wonderful project.


The new facility building will address the different needs of our growing community:  


1. Functional Need.     

  • A larger Social Hall (That can host Weddings, Events)     

  • Commercial Kitchen     

  • Larger Classrooms built for the Future  

  •  Administrative Offices     

  • Business Conference room(s) for our organizations, and ministries     

  • Enhanced Amenities 


2. Fellowship.

A place to gather, connect and work together (Cooking, Dining, Organizing, Entertaining, etc.),

and build a durable and loving community.

3. Orthodoxy.

Strengthen and be an inspiration of the faith for today and future generations.



"We want to leave this community better than we found it. A physical location yes, but also a faithful community that will preserve and transmit our Orthodox Values and our Cultural Traditions for a Strong and Durable community for Today, Tomorrow and FUTURE GENERATIONS".


AGOC parish its a small parish of only about 110 families, but an extraordinary active community! 

Sunday School

Altar Boys

GOYA (Teen Group)

Hope & Joy (Youth Group)

Greek School

Greek Dancing

Philoptochos (Charity)

Fraternal Organizations Ahepa, Daughters of Penelope, and Maids of Athena that promotes Hellenism, education and philanthropy 


 The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church is home of the one and only GreekFestival in Louisville!

Every year it brings thousands of people over the first weekend of June, when Greek food, traditions, and culture are shared with the entire Louisville community. 


Other Events like Glendi Gala, Blessing of the Ohio River (over the Captain's Quarter), Oratorical Festival, etc. are also organized by the AGOC.


The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Louisville was founded in 1925 by a group of Greek immigrants.  It is called the Assumption in reverence to the Virgin Mary.  The original church was located in one of two shotgun houses on Fifth Street in Old Louisville.  In 1967 the parishioners completed building an Orthodox Church at the same location. Replacing the original church.  In 2004, the parish moved to its present location on Ormsby Lane and built a new church, the one that is used today.